Welcome to the Vocational Track at Life Focus Transitions (LiFT)

Our Vocational Track at LiFT is designed to empower young adults with neurodivergent minds, supporting them as they embark on the journey of life and develop the skills necessary for autonomy. Whether you're a high school student working towards your diploma or a graduate taking the next steps, our program offers comprehensive support in independent living skills, ongoing education, and vocational development.

Connected to the successful New Focus Academy adolescent program, founded by Dr. Brandon Park and John Webb, LiFT provides a structured and nurturing environment for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or similar neurodevelopmental difficulties. Our goal is to equip our participants with the tools and confidence they need to navigate the challenges of adulthood and thrive in their chosen paths.

Explore our Vocational Track to discover how LiFT can help you achieve your goals and build a fulfilling, independent life.

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